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Another year is approaching at Saint Francis Xavier and we have some incredible guest artists coming up, now I won't be performing with all of them but this is a serious situation here, major acts.

Sept 13 - David Braid (Piano) w/ Maritime Brass Quintet
Sept 22, 23 - Randy Brecker (Trumpet Legend)
Oct 22, 24 - Mike Murley (Sax) and Kevin Dean (Trumpet)
Oct 29 - Peter Erskine (Drumming legend)
Nov 12 - Adam Rogers (Guitar)
Nov 23 _ Larry Grenadier (Bass)
March 16 - Andy LaVerne (piano)

I'll be teaching Jazz Composition this year at STFX.  This is in addition to teaching Jazz Guitar and guitar masterclasses!
A year ago I played on the Bi-Costal Collective Chapter IV project and found out yesterday the Album was nominated for Jazz Recording of the Year for the Nova Scotia Music Awards, November 6-9 2014.  Very cool!

My newest Album "Autumn Song" is now available for purchase on iTunes!

"Autumn Song is masterfully crafted and conceived, sounding like a long suite, using the free inspired Abscission pieces to connect the original compositions. Abscission is a biological term for the shedding of various parts of an organism, usually for the overall health of the organism. Paul and Jake use this concept by discarding the contrived approaches to playing duo, allowing them the freedom to explore all the tonal shades of their instruments, which brings out the real beauty and warmth of each piece."

Bobby Selvaggio; Director of Jazz Studies, Kent State University.

BiCostal Collective IV is on OA2 Records.  

You can order it from OA2 by clicking here

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You'll find plenty of information on YouTube including videos of Improvisations and Lessons for those interested.