The most important thing I look for in a musician is whether he knows how to listen.”

— Duke Ellington

What's New?

2016 looks like a busy year (once the insanity of the Eastern Canadian Winter is Over)

I'm taking bookings as they come, anywhere in Atlantic Canada, I'm happy to come to your School, Music Society, Jam Sessions.  I teach private lessons all year however most of my teaching is focused at Saint Francis Xavier University where I am a Full Time member of the Music Department.

I'm going to be recording my 3rd album as a Co-Lead this Spring as well as working on a solo guitar project over the Summer.  More information on that as it comes.

What am I Listening To?
  • Kevin Brunkhorst - Otherwise
  • Josh Hanlon - The Baytree Sessions Vol 1
  • Miles Davis - Complete on the Corner Sessions
What am I Reading?
  • Jazz and Culture in a Global Age - Stuart Nicholson
What am I Musically Obsessing Over

Lately I've undertaken a task of re-composing and re-harmonizing traditional Irish Music.  I grew up with this Irish tradition and found the rich melodies and possibilities in Irish Music to be a natural fit for Jazz harmonies and improvisation.  Been fun so far.

From Theory to the Freboard - Jazz Guitar Masterclass

 —  —

AM Downeast Music Centre , 487 Wiley Avenue, Windsor NS

Join Jazz Guitarist and Educator Jake Hanlon for a workshop on Jazz Guitar from chords to improvisation.

Limited Tickets are available, contact AM Downeast Music Centre to reserve your spot

You can also purchase Tickets for this clinic at this address